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"Preparing your organization to thrive in the future of work starts with equipping your managers to thrive." Jason Laurtisen

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9 hours live training

Direct access to Jason for 6 weeks, with weekly 1 hour training and 30 minutes Q&A. All content will be available recorded afterwards. 

12 worksheets

Weekly downloadable worksheets and homework to capture learning and revisit key points for immediate improvements.

Peer learning 

Access to a peer community platform to s hare ideas, case studies and concerns with the peer group and the trainer. 

3+ Bonuses

Three pre-recorded bonus training materials plus a bonus free 1 hour group coaching for those registering over 5 managers.

Program Modules

Module 1: Management Mindset

The first step to leading a high performing remote team is developing the right management mindset.
Learn about the cultivation mindset and how it change the way you manage forever.

Module 2: Effective Communications

Fostering employee engagement in any team requires effective communication and it’s even more vital when remote. Learn specific strategies and tools to ensure more effective and regular communication with your team.

Module 3: Care and Accountability

Learn how to balance caring for your employees with creating accountability. Gain a new perspective on both well-being and accountability along with the tools you need to effectively enhance your team's performance.

Module 4: Productivity and Motivation

Keep your team productive and motivated without being a micromanager. Learn the skills and tools to set a solid foundation for performance through clear expectations whether your team is remote, hybrid, or in the office.

Module 5: Keeping the Team Connected

Creating connection within your virtual team is a key ingredient to both employee engagement and inclusion. Develop a deeper understanding of connection and learn some best practice tactics and approaches.

Module 6: Making Virtual Meetings Work

Make your virtual team meetings more engaging and productive. Learn the six steps to creating a good remote meeting. In addition, gain specific tips for how to be a better facilitator and avoid common pitfalls. 

Bonus Modules

Work is a Relationship

In this powerful module, you'll learn how and why to approach management more like a relationship with the employee.

The Feedback Fix

Learn a new approach that will make your feedback far more effective and less likely to be ignored. 

Confronting Poor Performance & Bad Behavior

Gain the tools you need to effectively address issues with employees in a way that feels more positive and productive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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