Management training for a new era of work

Managing in the Future of Work is a transformative program for managers of hybrid and distributed teams to help them unlock performance through the power of relationship.

Change is required

The pandemic forced the future of work to arrive early and it caught most unprepared. This has led to widespread burnout, disengagement, and turnover.  

The way things have been done in the past isn’t going to cut it moving forward. When, where, and how work happens has changed. Hybrid and flexible work arrangements are the future. 

Management needs an upgrade. 

Your people managers hold the key to creating an engaging, fulfilling experience for employees. They were never equipped for this new disrupted world of work. You can fix that now. 

That’s what the Managing in the Future of Work program will help you do.

Give Manager’s an Upgraded Toolkit

Managing in the Future of Work is designed to provide managers with new tools and perspectives for how to engage and retain employees in hybrid and distributed teams.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Build trust and better relationships with employees
  • Facilitate engaging team meetings
  • Avoid the most common communication pitfalls
  • Conduct effective one-on-ones and check-ins 
  • Coach performance more effectively
  • Avoid micromanagement
  • Foster greater accountability
  • Support each person’s well-being
  • And so much more

Participants will leave with the mindset and skills needed to unlock improved performance, reduce turnover, have happier employees and less stress.

Program overview

Managing in the Future of Work is a six-week interactive virtual course for busy managers who can benefit from a skills upgrade to effectively manage hybrid and distributed teams. 

This program uses a blended learning approach including: 

  • On-demand training videos
  • Live group coaching 
  • Asynchronous discussion
  • Weekly exercises 
  • Actionable worksheets

Participants will have access to all course materials and videos through an easy to use online portal. They will have ongoing access to the portal for a full year.

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What our customers say


Hi! My name is Jason Lauritsen.

I’ve been practicing and studying management for over two decades and I have discovered that managing people effectively is less about oversight and control than it is about the relationship you create with your people. 

When people feel like you truly trust and care about them, they perform better and are far less likely to leave. Plus managing in this way is more rewarding and fun.

I’ve put all of my most effective tools and techniques into this program to help you equip managers to lead effectively in the future of work, regardless of what that holds.

Jason's writing has been featured in


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Frequently Asked Questions

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