What if you could lead a happy team AND get results?

It’s time to hit reset so you can trust yourself and manage like a human.

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Modern management was built around what works for machines, not humans.

It’s time to change that.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know your people are capable of more, but you’re not bringing out the best in them
  • Managing feels hard and like you’re in over your head
  • You are stuck even though you have the potential and ambition to go way further
  • No matter how much you care or work, you can’t find a way out

If yes, here’s a newsflash: It’s not you, it’s the way you were taught to manage that’s wrong.

Your organization needs people leaders like you that care about their teams and
know there’s a better way to manage to reset the system. Cultivayo is here to show you how.

We’re a management training company that gives you a new perspective and equips you with the tools to make an immediate and lasting impact. 

At the heart of our teaching is The Check-In Method™ of Management. 

The Check-In Method™ of Management empowers leaders to build strong, caring relationships with their people to improve performance and retention. 


Our program teaches managers how to both keep their people AND unlock their full potential.

Become a Cultivator and...

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Don’t just meet, but exceed your employees’ expectations by learning to understand your people and what helps them thrive.

Enjoy it

Stop dreading managing and actually enjoy the process by knowing and seeing you’re making an impact.

Crush it

Prove that managing with care and compassion works by leading happy teams that surpass their goals and stick around.

Join us in chucking old-school, outdated practices out the window in favor of a human-friendly approach to work.

Less drama, more productivity and fun

Our training is for managers ready to embrace a human future of work

People don’t need to be coerced or forced into performance. They are able to accomplish incredible things when freed from overbearing and controlling management practices!

If you believe creating a great experience for your team members that supports them at work and beyond is what leads to success, check out our training programs.

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What Cultivators are saying

"Jason is able to break down sound leadership advice into bite size actions that can easily be implemented by our leaders. I've had great success sharing his ideas and suggestions with all levels of our leadership team."

Wade, Durham, NC

"Jason's gift of making management best practices not only practical but human is needed today more than ever."

Joni, Dallas, TX

"Jason attacks the hard questions that lots of people like to sweep under the rug. He shines the light on them and provides real solutions to problems, not just idioms."

Lois, Southlake, TX

Cultivayo - Cultivating human potential

On a mission to make work more human-friendly

We’ve lived and seen the unnecessary suffering the workplace has caused, but we know it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With 20 years of management and leadership experience, we want to help managers lead with confidence and understand their people, so they thrive, hit their goals, and want to stick around.

Why? Because we believe that work and what happens through work has the potential to not only change lives, but to change the world.

It’s time to make work a better, healthier, and fairer place for all.

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How to Check-in with Remote Employees
(without being a Micromanager).

4 Steps to Improve Productivity and Engagement

  • Give your people the check-ins they are craving
  • Know how your people are REALLY doing
  • Keep your team focused on what actually matters
  • Prevent burnout on your team by recognizing it before it happens

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