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The Employee Performance Academy is where you’ll find the training and resources to move past traditional, broken management practices to reveal what really engages employees to perform up to their potential. Academy Head Coach, Jason Lauritsen, will guide and support you as you unleash the full human potential within your organization by making work feel more like a healthy, positive relationship for employees. Welcome to the journey.

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"Engaging employees means treating work like a relationship, not a contract."

Jason Lauritsen – Academy Head Coach

“Jason is an outstanding trainer, facilitator, and engaging speaker. Our organization strives to make work a meaningful experience of growth, challenge, and purpose. Jason’s workshop is in alignment with our vision and provided our leaders an opportunity to think differently about workplace engagement, our relationship with work, and most importantly, their impact at home.”


Manager of Human Resources and Support Services, NMPP Energy

Jason is a dynamic speaker that has a true understanding of what drives employee engagement. Relationships are at the center of everything we do as leaders. Jason will challenge conventional management strategies and will get your team to think differently about how they approach work. Work is no longer a contract, it’s all about the relationship.”


Sr. Director Customer Service, PayPal

How to Check-in with Remote Employees
(without being a Micromanager).

4 Steps to Improve Productivity and Engagement

  • Give your people the check-ins they are craving
  • Know how your people are REALLY doing
  • Keep your team focused on what actually matters
  • Prevent burnout on your team by recognizing it before it happens

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